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23 March 2009 - 07:59 PM

Probably a dumb question but i'm about to upgrade my phone, gonna get me a swanky iphone ;-)

Just checking that it will work in my Fiesta (new) as i seem to remember that it will only recognize certain phones.

K x

Accident Damage- opinions

06 September 2008 - 01:07 PM

Hi, i'm new and looking for some opinions please.

I have a Fiesta zetec climate 55plate newest shape.

Yesterday on leaving my house i found that my car was not where i had parked it!!

What had happened was a BMW travelling down my road had swerved to miss another car and gone into mine.... my car was parked nose to nose with a Freeander..... So, the BMW had hit the rear of my car shunting it into the nose of the Freeander and causing 15ft of movement to 2 cars parked with handbrakes on.

The cosmetic damage to my car IMO doesnt look that bad, there is damage to rear offside bumper and boot, the bumper is touching the rear offside wheel. The front bumper, grille, HLs and bonnet have been moved up and out (a screw from the freelander is embedded in the grille) ?engine bay movement. The passenger door will only open about 2" after that there is resistance.

Here is the crux. Do you think the car will be written off? The owners of the BMW and Freelander think their cars are (i saw neither), and with the movement of my car- 15ft- will there be chassis/floor damage?

I'm kinda hoping the car is a total loss as i dont think i'd be happy to drive it anymore in case of floor damage. Will the garage thoroughly check chassis frame?

I'm fully insured and have GAPinsurance also. I know its hard to make an opinion without seeing it but any insight greatly appreciated.