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Fiesta fuel consumption

21 September 2008 - 08:48 PM

I own a s-plate fiesta ghia with the 1.4 zetec engine.
it has got a 40 litre fuel tank which with todays fuel prices takes approx 45 to fill up. give or take a few litres.
Does any one know what mpg I should be getting? and approx how many miles to the tank. on a good run.
at the moment im getting around 28-30mpg and around 240 miles per tank.
can anyone help me?

Fiesta zetec remote central locking

14 September 2008 - 04:28 PM

Can anyone help me!! I have a fiesta ghia on an s-plate and the remote centrel locking has packed up.
It did this a while ago and I took it to a ford dealer where a tech told me how to code it to the car so that it may work again..
Unfortunatley it has packed up again and I cant remember how to do this..

Can anyone help and tell me the procedure

Thanks !!!

Fiesta ghia water leak

08 September 2008 - 06:37 PM

I own a ford fiesta ghia on an s-plate and i beleave it has devloped an internal water leak!!
I live in ashford kent and we had a lot of heavy rain on saturday (6th) sept. and noticed a fair bit of water in the drivers footwell!!
I peeled back my carpet mat and then the main vehicle carpet and found very wet spots on the insulation which covers the main car body! but was bone dry under the pedals which suggested to me that it could not be the windscreen seal or this would be wet too!!
it cannot be from my feet as the main car carpet was bone dry on top, but wet underneath. and i know for a fact that not a lot of water got in the footwell even though i was in and out of the car serveral times
Has anyone else had this problem?? if so any suggestions or if not any ideas

thanks for reading