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2007 Focus Mk2 Lh Door Mirror Indicator Lens

22 April 2013 - 10:37 PM



Does anybody know the difference between these 2 part numbers, 1425141 and the 4450781 for the left hand side door mirror indicator lens? I have been told I need the 1425141 which is twice the price of the 4450781. I nearly choked when I was given the price £47, glad I didn't break the whole wing mirror!



Petrol In A Diesel, 2007 1.8 Tdci

06 November 2012 - 07:16 PM


Did the unthinkable, had a 1/4 tank, went to fill up and put 5 liters of petrol in the tank, I decided to fill it up which was 33 litres of diesel so the mixture is not too bad and I am well aware of the horror stories! The tank I believe is 53 litres so it's about 12% petrol.

Would like to hear from those that have done something similar? Plan is to top up at 3/4 tank and then at 1/2 a tank...

So many times I've seen people getting somebody out to flush and I'd think to myself better not do that, trust me it's easily done... Just had the car serviced on Friday so I had been driving a petrol for over a week.