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Bye Bye Fiesta

17 December 2011 - 08:14 PM

After only having the Fiesta for a year, its going. I bought it as my wife loved it, but sadly it lacks any oomph, is quite thirsty, and the paintwork is !Removed! paper thin. Very disappointing after reading all the glowing reports about "a punchy engine" etc. !Removed!.
So its going on Tuesday, and a Volvo C30 2.0D is taking its place. The only thing I liked was the comfortable seats & the way it handled, but the Volvo is just as comfy, and has a stonking engine

Cylinder Head Core Plugs

15 November 2011 - 12:39 PM

Just had the car in for service today and was told the cylinder head core plugs are leaking. The receptionist has no idea what that means, niether do I, so its booked back in. They need the car for the day.
Fortunately is not quite 3, so it will be done under warranty.
The car has only done 18k miles, so I'm a little surprised at the fault.
Anyone know what it is etc?

Boot Won't Open.

24 February 2011 - 08:23 PM

Came home today, put the car away, went to get some things from the boot, just heard click, click, click. Boot stuck. Tried many times, same noise - nothing. The car was not locked. Tried locking the car, then opening it, also tried using the boot button. All I'm getting is the clicking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks