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In Topic: "running In" The Car

Yesterday, 07:05 PM

Red line it out the dealership it's the only way :)

My dealer told me to drive it like I stole it lol.

In Topic: Tread Depth And Swapping Wheels

Yesterday, 07:03 PM

I read something once that said you shouldn't change the direction a tyre rolls when it's been in use for a while.  There may not be any truth to this but potentially worth considering before switching left to right?


I haven't ever swapped front to rear either, on my last car I had the fronts replaced and by the time I came to sell it one of the rears was just about at the marker so I got away with not having to do them :D.


Also remember to adjust the pressures if you do swap front to back (wonder how many garages bother to do this?)

In Topic: Someone Has Time To Kill!

Yesterday, 06:56 PM

Your 3 posts to his 12 didn't really seem worthy on mentioning :lol:.  It did cross my mind though lol.

In Topic: World's Hardest Car Quiz

19 August 2014 - 06:54 PM

40% as well!

In Topic: Fiesta St Sound

18 August 2014 - 09:36 PM

Maybe as the adaptive volume makes the stereo louder this just makes the engine seem quieter?  That's its purpose really lol.