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How Can Washing A Car Be So Hard?!

13 July 2014 - 08:42 PM

I must have my method all wrong!  Just spent the past 2 hours cleaning my car, finished result looks good from a distance but I'm not that satisfied with my efforts lol.  Only took about 40 mins to wash the bodywork using the 2 bucket method but in that time it kept drying and needing re-hosing down (though apparently I'm doing it too late as the dirt dries back on there and needs another wipe to get it off as the hose alone isn't enough).  It then took another 40 mins to do the wheels and due to using brushes my entire right arm, front of shirt and paving in front garden are now filty from all the muck sprayed off the bristles.  I can't even seem to use a brush properly as it leaves loads of mess on the inside of the wheels and brake calipers which I ended up wiping off with my fingers lol.  I then spent the next 20 mins rinsing it all again (because after doing the wheels it was mostly dry) and drying it off with a towel.  It ended up all hazy though as the towel leaves a film of wet on the surface, so the finished result up close is a right mess in places.  Worst bit seems to be the roof where the dirt I washed off dried back on there and didn't get rinsed off at all :angry:.  Still, I only got tangled up in the hose a few times today so it isn't all bad.


Rant over, just wanted to express my severe inability to wash a car!  Might just go back to the one bucket and sponge method, my dad manages with that on his old car in about half an hour!

Deflation Detection System

22 May 2014 - 07:07 PM

I'm curious, apparently the DDS works by using the ABS sensors on the wheels to detect when one is spinning quicker than it was and is therefore losing pressure which makes sense, but I can't see how storing the pressures actually works.  The car has to be stationary to store them (I tried doing it while moving earlier and it failed), so what does this actually do?!  Does it just reset something so the car learns over time how quick each wheel spins or something?  It also begs the question why doesn't it keep flagging low pressures when you go round corners and the wheels change speed?  It would make more sense if you had to store them while in motion in a straight line so it could compare speeds, but I guess that's dangerous having to interact with things while moving!

Black Thing Beside Rear View Mirror?

02 May 2014 - 06:44 AM

Does anyone know what the black box thing is next to the rear view mirror? I'm pretty sure it's not a rain or light sensor as firstly I don't have the auto wipers/lights and secondly it's located in the black band so can't be seen externally. I've been intrigued by this since getting the car and cant work out what it could be. Cheers!

Power Sockets Not Working With Engine Off?

27 April 2014 - 03:26 PM

Is it right that the two power sockets don't work when the engine is off?  I've tried a couple of different things in them in case the first was dead, but neither came on.  Having the ignition on made no difference either.  My 2010 Fiesta worked with the engine off, has this changed in the facelift or is it due to having the keyless entry and start somehow?

St Oil Colour And Level

06 April 2014 - 02:57 PM

I've just checked the oil in my car again and like the last time I did it a fortnight ago I think the colour is a bit darker than it used to be.  It's not black or thick or anything, just a darker dirty brown colour with the same consistency.  I've had the car since November and up until a couple of weeks back every time I checked it it was a lighter golden colour (like the Zetec-S I had before this always was).  Is this anything to worry about or contact the dealer about?  I don't know if it's to be expected with this engine or whether something has gone bad!  The level has always been a bit above the max line too, but so was my last car every time it was serviced and seeing as this is always with the same dealer I assume this is just what they do (if it was way over I would have mentioned it of course).


Also a couple of weeks ago I noticed the coolant level had dropped a bit, it used to be on the join in the tank but it's now just on top of the minimum line.  It hasn't dropped since then so it's just been a one off.  I don't think it's gone into the engine oil as it's not cloudy and there's no white gunk under the oil filler cap, and as far as I'm aware this wouldn't make the oil darker.


Sorry for the long post, but any opinions on the above?  Cheers.