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Wiring Harness On Melted

16 October 2013 - 10:19 AM

I wonder if any one might know a good place to start with a little issue on my focus. Was warming it up this morning no lights just radio and fans and heated front screen!!, next thing car full of smoke, opened bonnet to find main wiring harness to pozi battery terminal melting and bubbling!!! Turned off and and all electrics gone-fried- "He's dead Jim"

Do I even bother starting to diagnose......? heated screen was probably the catalyst...?

Cheers in advance


focus '99 1.8 zetec petrol  :o

Mk1 Petrol Cutting Out Intermittantly

30 January 2013 - 02:28 PM

Hello Focus Fanatics

I've had a look but cant find specifics for this. A little wisdom please.

(I have some knowledge but that's a dangerous thing when it comes to tinkering)

1.8 zetec petrol '99 Tplate runs like a clock until very occasionally at low revs 5th gear 45-55mph it will stutter, revs will drop and unless i dip the clutch and blip throttle it will choke and cut out.
When it does cut out it will restart right away.

So.... fuel problem-Filter- ? (i only use shell petrol not tesco ribena)

HT Leads or spark plugs, Whats a good bet to replace them with?

do these have coil packs as such? (a beggar on zee french i know)

Throttle position sensor if there is such a thing.......

Summer or winter this is an intermittant fault. full tank, 1/2 tank, empty makes no difference.

To my little ear there is a slight mis-fire but maybe im just too picky?

Any hoo any ideas please before i throw lots of queens heads at it??