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1.8 Diesel

05 March 2011 - 08:33 PM

Hi Everyone, can anyone help. My 1.8 tdci Mk1.5 occasionaly seems to fire on three cylinders when pulling away. This may happen first thing or after driving a few miles. Runs ok, then when pulling away from a standing start it has no power, but no lights come on the dash. If i switch it off and re-start it, it goes back to normal. Tried a new diesel, and air filter but to no avail. Been told now it may be the accellerator potentiometer/ sensor. But as ive only had it for three months, and already spent out for a new exhaust pipe and clutch master cylinder, i dont want to spend much more on it if i dont need to. So any advice would be most welcome. Any advice anyone?

Missfiring 1.8Tdci

17 February 2011 - 10:34 PM

Sorry to trouble you kind folks again, but three times over the last two weeks, i have started my car with no problem, and then pulled off my drive and tried to accelerate down the road. But it has no pull at all, and sounds like its running on three cylinders. Tonight it happened, and i noticed there was, what i think was exhaust fumes coming from under the car, and visible in the headlights. Wether this was the wind blowing it to the front of the car or not i dont know. But each time this has happened i turn off the motor, and immediatley start it up again and all is well, and i drive off as normal. I realy need to find out what it is as my three month warranty runs out in march, and if its a major then they can fix it. Once again i,m sorry to be a pain, but this is my first diesel.
Hope one of you helpful folk can point me in the right direction

Regards Shaddow

Leaking Clutch Fluid

03 February 2011 - 01:05 AM

Hi all, just noticed some brake/clutch fluid on my floor mat. It seems to be coming down the clutch pedal, and onto the mat. At first i thought it was melted ice of my feet but on inspection it felt greasy. So on looking at my brake fluid reservior it needed topping up. Sounds like it needs a new master cylinder fitted. Is this a big job or can i handle it myself, And do they do a repair kit for them like they used to in my day, or is it a throw away item as most things are nowadays? If its a garage job, how much we looking at as a guide?. Only had the thing for a month and already had to replace the exhaust. By the way its a mark one facelift, 1.8 tdci, on a 05 plate. Any help greatfully recieved.