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Something Loose!

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Hi all,


Noticed today that whenever i shut the door on the Fezza, that there's the sound of something loose from the engine bay.


Cant really describe it other than it being short, high pitched, and metallic so i tried to take a vid; it'll require the volume turned up a bit as it didnt get picked up that well!


tried to attach it here but it said i wasnt permitted to?


Opened up the bonnet, and the noise seemed to be coming more from the drivers side wheel area.

Will take it for a drive but was wondering if anyone else had this?







Mk 7.5 Diagnostic Test

24 October 2013 - 06:27 PM

Hi everyone,


Thought i'd run the diagnostic test the other day on the ST, but noticed on the initial 'gauge' part of it the dials didnt sweep across like they usually do??


The dials run fine as it is but im just not sure if it occurs anymore during testing on the Mk7.5's, or just ST's, or if its something that might need looking at!


Thanks  :)

Mk3 Focus Door Edge Protectors.

07 June 2013 - 06:21 PM

Evening all!


After nearly half a year of having these things, my drivers side one finally packed up today.

It seemed to give up on life as i shut the door and dented the passenger door behind it. Oh the irony!




Not trying to put the fear factor on people who have these  :lol:  but just thought a warning might be useful for those that do! The sodding mechanism afterwards was then doing the complete opposite to its purpose by trying to pop out when the door was closed - therefore jamming it so i couldnt open it!

Eventually with a bit of force and fiddling, it just snapped off.


So now its back to Ford to shove this useless piece of plastic up their.....