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Im thinking for buying a Fiesta MK6 and would like some help please

16 September 2008 - 04:33 PM

Hi all,
this is my first post and I would like some advice if thatís ok?
Iím thinking of buying a Fiesta 1.4 TDCI, manual, 5 door Zetec or Ghia on a 55/06 plate, only I would like to know if there is anything I should look out for whilst looking for one? Like when should the cam belt be changed and how much will it cost to get it replaced?

This will be a second car (the work horse) as we are planning on having kids sometime soon and our first car is a Focus ST500! And would like another car to keep the miles down + if I have to go to places that I donít want to take the ST500 the Fiesta would be great!
The reason I want a 1.4 TDCI is because of the tax! (A 1.4 TDCI will cost £35 a year) I donít want another tax/thirsty motor! As the ST500 will be £300 a year tax and is £65 a tank of BP super unleaded fuel, which she drinks in like no time!

Any advice would be great, thank you for your time