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In Topic: My Poor Car :(

12 October 2011 - 10:22 AM

It's always hard dealing with an accident. I remember my brother when he wrote off his Astra and he was so shaken up it took him a while before getting behind the wheel again. When you do drive again, you're likely to be quite nervous, but take someone with you it might make you feel better and just gain your confidence back.

My brothers crash was very similar, and the damage was similar - someone pulled out at a roundabout and he didn't have time to react and smashed straight into the side of their car. She'd only been driving a few weeks and was using her mothers car, so obviously lack of experience on her part.

I remember getting beaten up last year (got my front tooth smashed out and needed 18 stiches at A&E) in a road rage incident (I was blameless, so no flaming). It took me a while before my confidence came back, and was nervous on a night with lights behind me. But confidence does come back in time.

Anyhow, hope the insurance claim goes quickly and you can be back on the road soon :)


Sounds like you've had a few things for yourself! it is my first time in an accident and my first time with all these bruises and everything! So its shaken me up a bit more then i want it too.
All i want to do is get another car and get out there but im not aloud because i had a head injury! :(

But thankyou for showing your concern :) i appretiate it :)


In Topic: My Poor Car :(

11 October 2011 - 10:49 PM

Nope wasnt going any faster than 30mph as i know for a fact that road is terrible when its wet. Apparantly there were diesel on the bend which made me skid, i tried correcting and ended up in the ditch as the picture shows. (As ive been told)
But yeah, definatley a write off, car shopping again now! Dont think another fiesta is going to be coming my way as my parents said it would probably remind me of the accident too much as im pretty much annoyed at it most of the time!
But wiplash, few bangs and bruises and 6 stitches in my nose isnt bad to look at the car, i was in tears when i saw the car :'(

No one else was in the car, i just dropped off a friend before though! so glad she wasnt in the car when this happened. :(

Thankyou everyone for showing concern! I just thought id show my terrible loss of a car haha.


In Topic: Ford Fiesta Mk6 Speaker Set Up

01 August 2011 - 08:18 PM

I know someone with uprated door speakers and a sub in the boot of their mk6 Fiesta. He has a double din alpine head unit to power it.

I want something like that, mine are pretty basic to be honest, i want it to sound clearer, i think the original speakers are still in, not looked :)

In Topic: My Fiesta

23 July 2011 - 07:46 PM

Get some chrome front indicator bulbs to get rid of the fried eggs ^_^

Haha, that made me chuckle a little bit!!
Im saving up for some angel lights anywaysss :)

In Topic: What is the best car you have ever driven?

20 July 2011 - 11:05 PM

Yes it's a lovely car.
Santa pod is always the best show for the year i think for the BMW side. Let me know if you do plan to go up i may also go on the same day, would take my fiesta but don't drive yet so i will be going in the BMW again but still a good day :D

Hopefully the time should be much better if he still gets the ESS Supercharger fitted at the start of next year. But then he is in two minds of selling.

you never no, by the time i decide to go you may have passed your test and everything!! :) But ill try and remember to let you know, im very forgetfull :) Mind like a rock...

What fiesta do you have??