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Ignition Source For Dash Cameras Using 12V Socket

06 January 2013 - 08:16 PM

Hello guys and gals,

I am using two dash cameras which are plugged into a 12v splitter which is plugged into the 12v power outlet. From a previous post on here we established that the 12v is always set to "on" and this will drain the battery if I leave the cameras plugged in (already had one flat) but as I often forget to plug them in setting off it makes having pointless. I have had a few near misses, none of which my fault, but it is amazing how the other drivers will always give you a strange stare as in to say "WTF are you doing that was your fault".

IS is possible to connect the 12v spliter to some form of ignition lead in the car so that they turn on when I start the engine and turn off when I turn the engine off?

Fiesta 12V Power Outlet Not Turning Off

22 September 2012 - 07:33 PM


I bought two cheap dash cams from ebay for the front and rear of the car (inside) and these have batteries built in (could be important).

When I leave them plugged into the 12 volt power outlet they stay powered on/charging even after 20 minutes, which is when I thought it switched off. i left the little screen down and it is still powered on even when the battery of the camera is flat, it is still drawing a charge and I am worried that it will flatten the battery. The link shows they type of camera I bought, thinking about it sometimes they do power off. The adapter I have is made by ring and has 3 lights on showing battery power of the car's battery low/medium/high and this always stays illuminated as do the two adapters, one going to each camera.



i bought mine for £20, they put the price up when they run low on stock. the image quality is quite good for something so cheap and is on a par with my friends roadhawk dc-1 although no gps etc. dont buy one of these cameras with infa-red it will bounce off the window.

thanks guys