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In Topic: Radio Has Aux Button But Can't Locate An Aux Port?

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

My Focus Titanium X (2012) had a USB connector in the glove box.

In Topic: Traffic Announcement Volume

Yesterday, 10:29 PM

Both my current Fiesta ST and previous Focus Titanium X have the same Sony head unit and as others have said, the TA volume (up and down) is adjustable during transmission.

In Topic: Bleeding St Breaks

Yesterday, 10:18 PM

I was always told to start with the slave cylinder furthest away from the master cylinder.

In Topic: Windscreen Marks

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Might these marks by any chance be the heating elements buried in the glass?


Just a thought!

In Topic: Fiesta St Sound

18 October 2015 - 03:29 PM

As a side issue to this, I'm thinking of fitting the Mountune Cat Back exhaust to my Fiesta ST MP 215 together [possibly] with the Sports Cat down-tube.


I am just a little concerned that this might alter the currently acceptable noise level at cruising speeds to something that becomes far too intrusive. I don't want to make an expensive mistake here so am wondering whether anyone has first hand experience of this or similar.


Would the Mountune down-tube add to the 'noise'? I guess not, other than from the turbo ... there is always the option of disabling the sound imposer to quieten the exhaust note if necessary.


I may well take a trip to Mountune HQ and have a chat with them re options but in the meantime I'd very much like to hear readers' comments.