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Focus mk1 worries

20 September 2008 - 07:41 PM

hi, im new to the site, so hello.

i drive a ford focus 2l 16v zetec mk1 ghia

recently iv had a burning smell when in low gears 1st 2nd, driving slow in built up areas for instance

i checked the serpentine ( auxillary) belt that runs my ac, pas, wp, alt and one rib had been burnt off.

iv changed the belt today but still had the buring smell as if the new belt is burning up.

The pulleys felt good and so did the tensioner and all other pulleys.

wondering if any1 else has experenced this or if there is a component that fails or can become mis aligned. causing the belt to rub and burn.

the car has done over 100,000 miles and had a cam belt change 15 months ago.

any suggestions welcomed, thanks Matt