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In Topic: Might Be Buying Into Team Mondeo Soon....

04 March 2014 - 11:10 AM

I bought mine with 110000 miles on it but it had had only 1 owner which was a company car and had full Ford history. I had no receipts with it though.


I had some starting issues after a few months and it all seemed to point to the DMF so I changed it. When I got the old one out I found it had already been changed and it wasn't the issue

After some head scratching it turned out it was a temperature sensor issue and an update was available from Ford and this fixed it.


I also had issues with my radiator fan. The facelift fan variant is only available as a whole unit with control box which is stupid money. I turned to Google and found it is possible to wire in the pre facelift version and it worked a treat and cost pennies.


I picked up a full leather interior with wiring loom and switches for £35, these were from a pre facelift so required a little soldering but now works a treat. I got £15 for my old seats too.


I have now blanked my EGR and I no longer see plumes of black smoke out of my rear view mirror.


Stereos can be a bit of a pig to change. I swopped my factory fitted savnav unit for a Pioneer double din unit and it was a massive job that required the cutting of dash brackets etc.


Great car though and I get a real 48mpg with motorway driving and 40mpg around town

In Topic: Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Blanked Egr - Worth Replacing Egr Still?

18 February 2014 - 05:35 PM

The EGR was cleaned out just after I bought the car and then again about 2/3000 miles ago.


I have seen EGR valves on Ebay for about £50 brand new but I was a bit iffy over the quality

In Topic: Converting From Dmf To Smf

22 December 2013 - 05:45 PM

Buy yourself a Haynes manual and read up doing it yourself. That's how I changed mine.

It took me all day but it saved me hundreds in garage bills. You only need a trolley jack, axel stands and a decent set of spanners/socket set.

I don't think it was that difficult it's just a bit daunting at first. Once the flywheel was on it was probably only a couple of hours to fit everything back together again as we had learnt where everything was at this point.

In Topic: Reliability - Mondeo Tdci 130 Or Petrol Car?

12 December 2013 - 06:49 PM

I've got a 56 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI.

Its my first car since passing my test earlier this year.

It came with one owner (company car) with a full Ford service history. It runs great and it's economical returning around 50mpg.


I had a knocking and stuttering on start up so decided to replace the DMF. Upon opening the gearbox I found it had already had a new DMF and flywheel. It turned out the issue I had was with a temperature sensor. A quick software update from Ford and it was all sorted.


The radiator fan wasn't working so the aircon got red hot when stopped. This is a common problem. The electronic box dies and is very expensive from Ford. I fitted a prefacelift fan and control box and spliced in the wiring and it work perfectly and only cost me £10 for the fan, surround, rad and air con cooler.


I'm still a little paranoid about injectors but if it happenes it happens. If you search the internet you will find bad reviews on everycar.


Take your time looking for the right car. I opted for a Zetec Nav spec as I couldn't find a Ghia spec at the time. I've since added electric rear windows (£30) full heated leather interior (£35) auto dim rear view mirror (£15)


Parts for Mondeos are so cheap and so are the cars themselves. I was recently looking for a Focus for my Daughter a couple of months ago and I couldn't believe how much money they were going for for the spec/age. They make the Mondeo seem a bargain.


Buy it, look after it, love it and if anything goes wrong just accept sh*t happens.

In Topic: Drivers Side Heated Door Mirror

12 December 2013 - 06:34 PM

While you have the mirror off I would check to make sure you have power going to the connections. If you have no power to the heating element a new mirror wont help.

It could most likely be a corroded connection on the back of the mirror glass