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Iphone And Fiesta Problems After Os 4.0 Upgrade

27 August 2010 - 03:57 PM

When ever I got a phone call in my fiesta it would ring through the speakers with the cars ringtone, now since upgrading my iPhone to os 4.0 it plays the phone ringtone through the speakers, really annoying as I liked the old 'ring ring' tone that I imagine every fiesta has. Anyone else experienced this?

Problem With 1.6Tdci

22 August 2010 - 04:00 PM

had a problem with my fiesta earlier, was exiting a roundabout so put my foot down then all of a sudden there was no power, car cut out and 'Engine malfunction, service now' message appeared on the screen.

Managed to coast up to a set of lights were the car refused to start for a good five minutes, eventually the car started and error messge disapeared.

so carried on as normal but the car felt very flat and sluggish so decided to head home....

Anyway, once home i left it for about 20mins then fired her up, again no engine malfunction message but i could sit with the accelerator pedal flat to the floor and it would not rev above 3,000rpm (asif something was limiting it)

Just been out to fire it up on last time before i ring ford tomorrow and everythings fine now? Really can't understand what went wrong and have never know anything like this to happen before? so has anyone experienced this before and should i book it into ford just to the safe?

How Long For Private Plate To Arrive?

27 July 2010 - 10:30 AM

Just bought a Private plate on friday from the dvla website and was wondering how long it takes for the documents to arrive, the V750 i think its called? known the DVLA there not going to be in any rush to send it out but i was just wondering how long on adverage it should take, as it would be nice to have it on the car by the end of the week

Also a massive praise to http://www.no1showplates.co.uk/ who made the plates

Ordered at about 4:15PM Friday 23rd and they arrived on Saturday 24th at 9:30AM :lol:

If only everything could be delivered that fast!

Erratic Handling In Windy Conditions?

30 May 2010 - 07:58 PM

been quite windy up in the north east today and noticed that the handling was very erratic, especially down the A1. Never experienced this with any of my other cars so wondered if its a problem with the mk7 design or maby due to the tyres or wheels? as it was mentioned on here that the titaniums are quite prone to tramlining?

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this with their mk7 or is it just me?

Need A New Bumper:@

30 April 2010 - 04:07 PM

well to cut a long story short, pulled up at a shop the other morning, went in to get some smokes, came out and theres half me rear bumper and foglight laying on the floor smashed. Some little !Removed! had hit it and drove off. Anyway been looking for a new bumper and i've found one not too far away, in mint condition for 45. The question i need to know is, is there only one type of silver (moondust silver) available on the fiesta? as the bloke who has the bumper said he dosent know what silver it is.