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1.8 Tdci Zetec Increase In Revs Not In Speed

19 December 2013 - 08:10 PM

Hi everyone


Thanks in advance for looking / commenting


I've got 2007 106,000 miles mk2 1.8 tdci zetec. I'm a careful driver and commute a bucket load on the motorway; nice and easy. It's been serviced as directed by the schedule and always by the same Ford dealer.


In the last week exiting the 50mph zones on the motorway I've put my foot down to pull away but I'm not really speeding up a great deal. The RPM shoots up as if I've hit a patch of ice and the wheels are spinning but they're not. I've got good grip and in 1st I can floor it up a step hill with no issues .


I've captured the below off an OBD-II Bluetooth thing. Both sets of data are in 5th gear and on the motorway. (screenshot of ODB-II output attached)


Coming out of the 50mph zone, gentle acceleration:

GPS Speed: 58.72

Boost psi: 3.916

RPM (x100): 17.64

Engine Load: 15.686

Accelerator Pedal Pos (20%): 36.078


After 10 seconds of having my foot firmly on the floor:

GPS Speed: 76.615

Boost psi: 19

RPM (x100): 38.4

Engine Load: 100

Accelerator Pedal Pos (20%): 100


There's no fault codes present on the ECU and it was serviced and MOT'd at 100k by the same garage.


Anyone got any ideas?