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In Topic: Ex driving instructors car

06 June 2009 - 02:26 PM

Well I know why my Focus is crap, it broke down again last night, gear linkage snapped in rush hour in Leicester. Took 3 hours to get fully recovered.
In the last two months since I bought ithas had:
new front springs
new clutch and clutch bearing
new alternator
now new gear linkage

Its a 2005 model with 84k milage, I thought this was particularly bad especially when other focus's seem like gems. So I pulled the carpets up and yes there was filler in the passenger footwell where the dual controls were, its ex AA driving school sad.gif .

I rang the dealer I bought it from who to be fair has done most of the work under warrenty I had too pay for half the clutch. I stated this fact and told that they are in a legally dubious position having omitted this crucial bit of information before the sale. They claimed they didn't know surprise surprise, but said when the car is repaired they will discuss options for me but said if I wanted to return the car it would have to be dealt with at director level.

What should I do?
Get shot of the pain in the !Removed! car by giving it back after its had all this work done to it?
Get them to extend the warrenty for a year and give me back the contribution I paid for the clutch?
Get them to pay for a AA or similar check and pay for any repairs highlighted?

The first option will be the most hassle for both parties and so I figure if I'm willing to agree on an enhanced warrenty they will be happier.

What do you guys think? What else can go wrong? Rear suspension, Gearbox? sad.gif

To be honest mate, I would keep it personally, as the way I see it is It has a new clutch, new front springs (i know the gear linkage is unlikely to go again) To me it just seems you have had some bad luck. I know an ex instructors car will have had the gears crunched, clutch slipped, etc etc but the other way to look at it is its had different drivers hence different driving techniques hence more even wear than a car that has had only one driver with a persistent bad habit - ie: too fast over speed bumps, heavy brakeing etc.

By all means try to get the enhanced warranty from the "stealer" though. They would have used the "ex instuctor line" to have knocked the price down for re-sale, why should you have to pay full whack?

Let us know how you get on.

In Topic: My t reg mk1 tdci!!

27 September 2008 - 05:29 PM

the sva test is basically a mot/road wortheyness test as form the tdci engin it depends which one is fitted

Havent a clue mate, no numbers, no engine cover, no amateur wiring. The header tank is full of pink antifreeze/anticorosent so it looks like a proffessional job. Drives superb, all be-it brakes clunk (siezed) when pulling off as its been left on the beachfront for two years. What i really want to know is will the bumpers, headlights, etc fit off the mk2, without messing about.? cheers chris.

In Topic: My t reg mk1 tdci!!

27 September 2008 - 10:21 AM

Any more sujestions, ive had the vin numbers stampped, just waiting for the VOSA sva test now, anyone know what this involves? Also, what bhp is my new tdci? is it quickier than my old di? Cant wait to by new parts from motorfactors! No numberplate, changed vin, half 1998 half 2002! He's just going to laugh at me isnt he!

In Topic: replacing focus mk1 stereo

26 September 2008 - 07:40 PM

hi guys, i'm picking up a mk1 focus 1.8 lx tommorow, its got a basic ford tape player and i want to replace it with the sony cd unit from my mk1 mondeo, are the cables to convert the connection on the wires for use in the focus the same as the mondeo one.

also my dad seems to thionk that changing the radio will mess with the immobiliser, i think hes wrong but want to make sure,

thanks in advance

Hi mate, you will need to get an adapter plate from local audio/Halfrauds as your stereo is double din (very thick) You can also pick up the leads (autoleads) i think they are called from the same places, well worth the tenner or so as you can make a mess by cutting leads! It wont affect your immobiliser, but your original radio will need the code entered again. Also check in shop if you need the ariel plug addapter (they will know what your talking about) On a personal note, i would get the standard ford cd player, as these plastic adapters dont really look the part. Each to their own tho.

In Topic: a bit of advice please....................

23 September 2008 - 10:01 PM

hello fellow ford owners,new here,how we doing,im after buying the other half a ST170 in the next couple of weeks,probably an 03/04 model,with sub 50k on the clock,aint in no rush,and i got plenty to look at,mainly in dealers,just for that extra piece of mind,if anything does go * * * * up with it,i can drive it back through their showroom window :D

what i'd like to know is there anything i should be looking out for in particular?

any advice would be gratefully accepted

thanks in advance

Why not take your time, check Ebay/ Autotrader everyday for a few months, get loads of advice off the guru's on here, then when your sure you've got a bargain, take out a private warranty and save loads!