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Focus tdci

03 June 2009 - 07:17 PM

Hi everyone, I had a T reg mk1 focus tddi but it was stolen. What was thought to be my car was recovered by the police, but it turned out to be a 52 plate tdci with my panels, bumpers, lights etc to make it look like my mk1 car. The problem is, it will now have to go on a Q plate, I have argued with the DVLA until blue in the face that this is not needed, as there have been no structural changes to the car but the police "specialists" insist the rear axle has been changed as it now has disk brakes on rear! (The whole car is the MK2!) Even the insurance loss adjuster agrees with me (he had to examine the car for me to buy it from them)

Due to this mess, I have decided to find a donor car to place the engine in, hence avoiding the Q plate, and to be honest, the car isnt in great nick anyway, but the ci engine is so much more refined and quicker than the di. The proiblem is that even non running MK2 focus are still quite expensive, but I have seen a few mondeo tdi 130's that are quite reasonable. I know that they have the 2.0 tdci, but would my 1.8 tdci fit straight in, bareing in mind that I have the donor car complete with ecu, keys etc. If not, has anyone got any ideas where I can pick up a mk2 focus with engine / slight bodywork damage? Ive scoured Ebay, but theres nothing much there.
Sorry for such a long post.

My t reg mk1 tdci!!

22 September 2008 - 07:04 PM

Hi all, this is quite a complicated story so please bear with me. Five years ago i purchased a T reg tddi panther black, which i loved untill one day an injector tip came off and ruined the engine. 700 later and a new engine was in, but a diesel/electro specialist (my dads mate) couldnt get the ECU to recognise the injection pump! It was left in his yard for two years untill he had enough and asked what we wanted to do with it, my dad never got back to him. About a year later, the serious organised crime squad came knocking at my door saying they had recoverd my car from a premises in Swansea! not only this but it was running! I was not allowed to see the car untill forensics had taken a look (which involved taking nearly every panel off the car) They concluded that most of the car was off an 02 plate mk2 stolen from trade center wales, which included the new tdci engine, interior, heated front screen, rear discs (previously drums) alloys and all plastic interior panels dated 01/02! Norwich union accepted a toked jesture of 100 for the parts which i was landed with! Problem is, all the exterior panels are mk1, would they go to this much trouble to change all the body panels and heated front screen and rear discs? Also there are wiring looms dissconnected under the seats that i can only imagine are for heated seats. The dash used to be black but is now silver and a keyfob is taped under the steering column! I have been allocated a new vin n.o to be stamped by a garage, and then it needs to have a sva check by VOSA, then it can go on a Q plate. Do you think its worth me changing the headlights/bumpers to the mk 2's and will i be allowed to put a customised plate on to hide the Q plate? By the way, the engine runs sweet as a nut with no amateur wiring and the mounting nuts are unmarked making me think it is the 02 model! All numbers have been ground off. Cheers, Chris.

Forgot to mention, when the ignition is switched on the rev counter/speedo shoot up to max then rest back down (with engine off). I also have a passat tdi 130 sport which is quicker, but this tdci engine is so quiet and refined, you would think its a petrol! Looking forward to getting back into the Ford club!!