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In Topic: brake pad replacement

25 October 2009 - 06:14 PM

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the advice, it will come in handy! The bf is a baja beetle diy-er so he's very capable, and he knows lots of people in the trade so getting a discount would be sweet!

Thanks again!


In Topic: Speedometer wobble

24 July 2009 - 01:17 PM

Hi Johnie

Thanks for that, at least now I have considerably more detail than before. Will get the bf to read your message and have a look!

I have become accustomed to using my rev counter and what gear I'm in to guess my speed!


Hi Susan

Yes the Haynes is vague, but (quoting another thread I saw) the sensor is fitted to the transmission in
place of the older speedometer cable drive pinion.

Indeed I spent some time convincing myself it was a sensor and not the pinion - but it does have an electrical connector and wires rather than a sheathed cable.

From memory, on our car it has a metal bracket sort of around it and is a pig to get to - sort of behind and under the transmission and close to the firewall.

If I seem a bit vague, it is some months since I changed the clutch, and I have tried to ignore the wife's complaints about the speedo wobbling - the rev counter works so watch that instead! However, I can't stand the heat much longer and must do something to resolve the problem!



In Topic: Speedometer wobble

23 July 2009 - 01:00 PM

Hi Johnie

Don't suppose you'd be willing to divulge the location of the sensor? I need to check mine on my MK6 fiesta but can't find it! The Haynes is too vague in description. Imagine I'm stood in front of the car facing it, is it on the left or right side?

My speedometer just randomly drops to zero, stays there for a while then pings back up again.

Hope you get your issue sorted soon!


In Topic: Opinions on getting a code reader

30 June 2009 - 09:40 PM

No problem. Glad to help. Let me no how you get on. Always been intrested in how good one of those things are.

In the end I got a slightly different one:


So far have plugged it in and it all works fine, easy to navigate as well. Tomorrow will be seeing if it can diagnose my parent's Golf's problems!

In Topic: Opinions on getting a code reader

26 June 2009 - 12:16 PM

Hi and thanks for the reply. It is just for my own use and like you I can't really tell what the extra money would get me other than tha ability to see pretty graphs I won't understand, so I think I'll go simple (and cheap!)


Either one would be fine. Obviously the more expensive one would do more stuff although a can't really see what, but if its just for you own use the cheaper one would suffice.

They are both OBD2 compliant (or EOBD) witch means they would work on any petrol model after 2001 and diesel after 2004 sold within the EU. Although some manufactures (mainly ford) introduced the OBD2 as early as 1996 because of American legislation's. eg. any fiesta with the 1.25 zetec engine would work with them

Personally I have one that I bought off the well known auction site witch plugs into my laptop. It was about the price of the more expensive one you picked out, but because it can be used with software you can get from the internet it can do almost anything. Apparently its even capable of remapping ecu's and changing digital millage readings. Although a would only recommend getting the one I got if your abit handy with computers.