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White Smoke Problem! HELP!

24 September 2008 - 01:21 PM

ive recently bought a 52 reg 2.0 litre tdci mondeo and i notice when i start it from cold i get a lot of blue smoke cuming out of the exhaust, while iam driving it at around 40mph (nearly 2000RPM) the engine jurks or seems to splutter slightly, i dont know whay this is but it is doing my head in when iam driving! :blink: .,

Once the engine warms up, there is no blue smoke but the engine still splutters at around 2000rpm in fifth gear when iam driving at 40mph.

i can only !Removed! to think that if i can get to the root of the blue smoke and stop it, everything will work smoothly.

can anybody help me on this matter?