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Water Ingress Issue

03 January 2013 - 09:50 PM

Apologies in advance for the long post however I thought it best to try and include as much detail as possible!!
I am hoping someone is able to help / offer me some advice.

For the past 6 months or so I have had a issue which results in the carpet in the front passenger footwell of my C-max becoming wet or very wet (sodden) with water.

I took it to the garage back in August and they checked the pollen filter as this is a common cause of water leaking into the cabin. They also noticed that the scuttle panel on top of the windscreen was a bit loose. It appeared to have previously been taken off. They found quite a number of leaves in between it and the windscreen.

Whatever they did appeared to have resolved the issue as no more issue over the following couple of months were noted. I was very happy!
This period however did co-incide with a quite lengthly dry spell in the region that I live.

Later in October when the rains returned the problem became apparrent again, in fact it seemed to have got worse! When the problem is at its worse water also appears in the storage cubby hole behind the passenger front seat. Note that the car is parked nose facing forward on really quite a steep drive and I think that when enough water accumulates it flows over the ridge in the floorpan under the front passenger car seat.
Disappointed I returned the car to the garage and they checked the pollen filter and the scuttle panel again.
They conducted some additional tests using a hosepipe trying to identify where the water was coming from but to no avail.

They suggested that replacing the front door seal on the passenger side might resolve the issue but they didn't seem particularly confident about this so I was particularly happy to spend more money on just their hunch.

I thought I would try and locate the cause of the water ingress myself.
I have pretty much ruled as the aircon drain being blocked as it is rarely on.
A couple of other things to note which may or may not be significant.
It is often the case after a period of moderate / heavy rain that when I open the front passenger door a lot of water drains out of the middle drain hole at the bottom of the door - i didn't understand why this was happening, however upon closer examination there did appear to be minor blockages in the other drain holes. I cleared these with a coat hanger and this seems to have resolved that issue.
In fact I thought it may have resolved the issue completely as when it rained heavily last Sat the carpet did not become wet. However the day following the carpet was wet actually very wet :-( I have remove two soaking wet towels from the footwel of the car in the past few days. The wetness does not smell, so I am guessing that the problem is not related to the pipe that carries screen wash to rear window.
Interestingly (well not very) if you split the footwell carpet into 4 equal portions then by far the wetest portion in the bottom left hand corner.

One other thing when I returned home the other day I noted that there was quite a large patch of water on the driveway. It was probably about 3 feet long and 6" to 12" wide. I am familar with the small puddle of water that can be seen from the aircon drain however this was much larger and not something I can recall seeing before?

I was thinking that I may need to remove the carpet to try and find the leak - not sure how easy this would be??

Does anyone out there think I should have the door seal replaced?

I Would love to hear from anyone who has a experienced a very similar issue to mine as this is beginning to drive me mad, particularly with regards to the constant musty smell.
Thanks and kind regards