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In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

Yesterday, 02:06 PM

Is that active all the time or only when in reverse? Do the fiestas have canbus operated lights?

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

07 October 2015 - 10:29 PM

Aye problem I have is limo black tints so not sure camera will pick anything up through that but might fit in my mam's car where did you wire it up to for the rear I know there is a perma live for an extra cigarette power socket style thing on the focus but would want it to only power up when she starts car ???

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I ran a cable to the front of the car, and joined it onto my ignition switched cig lighter socket (but you can wire it to any ignition fuse) - make sure the cable is CLEAR of any curtain airbags (I believe mine is run to the outside, and only crosses back once the airbag is finished).


You should be able to find an ignition supply in the boot, esp if you have parking sensors factory fitted - I believe the parking sensors module has an ignition supply.


Limo black tints - you should be ok in the day - you might find if you change the exposure /  WDR / etc settings you might find a nice balanced image.

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

07 October 2015 - 02:03 PM

Wouldnt it work bringing it thru the black gromet already in place for the rear brake light at the top of the window then bring it down thru roof liner ??? Im only wondering as i aint set up rear camera's yet on windscreen might look at them ones next

Yes, that is where mine is routed through. It's a fiddle but doable.

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

07 October 2015 - 11:27 AM

Did you manage to figure out a permanent fixture of the cable?

I've stuck my cable to the window using the converter box and 3M VHB tape (rear) and the front cable is stuffed behind the roof lining.

You can get VHB tape in small strips, that may be suitable for holding a single wire, or you can get sticky cable clips.

In Topic: Mk 2 Coming Home Lights?

26 September 2015 - 08:47 PM

Aye, well, my theory for it producing 24v was two separate feeds of 12 going to the lights, you know, if I was to splice into the locking wiring, means 12 from it going to the lights and 12 going from the light switch itself

There would still only be 12v present :)