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Today, 12:28 PM

Read about Allen Ford in that thread... why do companies try sidestepping the SoGA?




Just bought 4 205/55 R16 91H Nokian WR-A3 winter tyres for the princely sum of... £192 - delivered. All fitted for £32 down the local tyre shop.


Finnish tyre brand, lots of raving reviews and videos, especially the dry/wet grip. I was definately kind of won over! (Ignore the first review... seems to be a bit outlying)




I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post the company website here, so PM me for the address (Or if i'm allowed to post it i'll do so).

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Today, 12:53 AM

Haha i've heard better things!


I'd hope they're not offering duff wheel nuts, although having been a passenger in a vehicle which only had 1 wheel nut out of 5 before now (was noticed after being on the motorway...) I have a lot of faith in modern metallurgy.

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Yesterday, 09:54 PM

They're from Allen Ford who I've heard mentioned on here before.

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Yesterday, 09:00 PM

I didn't have winter tyres (in fact, what i'd class as "economy" summer tyres) for the winter of 2012. My 2002 Corsa still got me everywhere I wanted, including 50 miles in fresh/compacted snow and slush (and un-plowed roads).


I am, however, quite aware that my Focus is 1) heavier 2) has fatter tyres 3) is more powerful. It's handling characteristics are completely different to my previous car.


I'm assuming on steel wheels I will need different nuts to my alloys (not concerned with locking wheel nuts). Assuming these are OK from a ford dealer? (Steel Wheel Nuts x20)

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25 November 2014 - 10:41 PM

I was looking at spare wheels due to possibly damaging my alloys and cost of refitting and rebalancing - I don't intend on doing that though - and anything hard enough to damage the alloy will probably damage other stuff too.

Snow socks have been used whilst at work and I have been most impressed how well they work even on a rear heavy FWD Renault master, so may still get a set just in case!

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