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#526769 Mk 2 Coming Home Lights?

Posted by Micro on 26 September 2015 - 08:47 PM

Aye, well, my theory for it producing 24v was two separate feeds of 12 going to the lights, you know, if I was to splice into the locking wiring, means 12 from it going to the lights and 12 going from the light switch itself

There would still only be 12v present :)

#523457 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Micro on 16 September 2015 - 11:44 AM

Hello, folks.
I could be imagining this.... Are there new, different lenses for the Mobius out there at all? I know there is the A and C lenses, but was wondering is there are any that you can install elsewhere from the camera body?
I think I saw something like that on the these forums, but can't find anything on it!
The time for a rear facing camera has presented it's self several times in a short space of times... <_<

See Techmoan on YouTube - he found an extension kit for the Möbius to make a more hidden cam.

#510450 Modifications

Posted by Micro on 08 August 2015 - 09:16 PM

I think the "modification" is cutting a small dash support out iirc... Might be completely wrong though!

#503973 Ford Focus Mk3, Sub, Amp & Speakers Upgrade

Posted by Micro on 19 July 2015 - 03:01 AM

Just had a quick look, depending on the tyres you want depends on how much you'll save although looking at the 225/40/18 they are practically the same price everywhere I've looked.

Check back every so often - their prices change sometimes daily - I waited 3 weeks til the Falkens dropped to a good price.

#503898 Ford Focus Mk3, Sub, Amp & Speakers Upgrade

Posted by Micro on 18 July 2015 - 08:56 PM

Tyreleader.co.uk is the best deal for tyres I've found. They're shipped free in 48 hours, and then just get fitted wherever you want (£172 for 4 Falken ze914 in 205/55 R16, fitting was £20 for all 4 incl balancing). Sub £50 a tyre + fitting when the cheapest I found in the UK was £50+

#501808 Ford Focus Mk2 - Clocking - Any One?

Posted by Micro on 10 July 2015 - 12:45 PM

I don't know about you, but unless you're just looking to buy a car and want to know if it may be clocked then this is not the site for your discussion.

Changing the apparent mileage of a car is illegal and deceptive to everyone involved, and opens you to a whole world of legal implications.

Even with a new engine, the mileage won't match but anyone reasonable shouldn't care that the displayed mileage is different to the engines mileage.

#500530 Dash Cam Fixing?

Posted by Micro on 04 July 2015 - 09:03 PM

Look for 3M VHB tape, I got some thin 9mm stuff so used 3 strips of it - cameras stuck solid. Make sure that both surfaces are clean of grease (acetone may dissolve your camera mount, isoproponal alcohol is a better bet).

#499210 Modifications

Posted by Micro on 29 June 2015 - 05:29 PM

2) Is there a mod for getting a courtesy light in the BACK of the passenger compartment? Ditto an extra light in the boot area?
Just going to wait and see what happens now....

I just had some led strips off eBay, wired into the existing boot light (one either side). Couldn't ask for more light!

#498369 Cistern Antifriz

Posted by Micro on 25 June 2015 - 05:24 PM

The coolant will get very hot (and if you suddenly open the coolant cap it may suddenly boil).

#493939 Ford Focus Mk3, Sub, Amp & Speakers Upgrade

Posted by Micro on 09 June 2015 - 11:32 AM

Why not the dash cam? Was it the 0805 you chose?

#490415 Esp

Posted by Micro on 28 May 2015 - 11:54 AM

I'm sure its in the manual. The idea is you don't need to know how to drive with it as you shouldn't need it in normal circumstances - I believe it does say you may need to turn it off in snow/icy conditions if you cannot get moving.

#489595 Esp

Posted by Micro on 26 May 2015 - 02:12 PM

Didn't turn mine off once last winter, if you find you're not able to move off, or are slipping a lot, then turn it off - otherwise keep it on as I'm sure it will provide some assistance if you misjudge a situation.

With esp on, just let the car manage it unless you start to head towards a stall situation - ESP off drive as you would in a car with no ESP

#489285 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by Micro on 25 May 2015 - 12:19 PM

Actually I think it's a LiPo (lithium polymer) battery which is cheaper and not as good as Li-Ion. I can't remember the exact differences but I think one of them is that Li-Ion can be charged more often without deteriorating.

I don't think its a true LiPo pack. If you read the Wikipedia article on the subject there seems to be two types. The type with a dry polymer electrolyte (LiPo), and the type in a flexible polymer casing/pouch with a liquid or gelled electrolyte. The latter being no different to Li-ion packs.

The general manufacture of Möbius cameras may mean that sub par batteries have been used - unfortunately I don't think you'll find a better battery to fit the form factor and case of the camera. If you want to extend it further, you could investigate using a USB power bank as an extended battery.

#488422 Car Conundrums!

Posted by Micro on 22 May 2015 - 07:38 AM

Dual mass flywheel (wait that's three words)... Brake fluid?

#488016 Gta 5 Online Heists

Posted by Micro on 20 May 2015 - 08:52 PM

I'll add ya if its ok - no one to really play with! Bit of a crap driver, and I consider myself a fair shooter for not shooting team mates, but I'm sure I'll be useful somehow!

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