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In Topic: Mk7 Gearbox Oil Change,

29 October 2014 - 10:35 PM

I used this post to change my gearbox oil on my school car which had approx 72k on the clock,definitely the gears felt more rough then my mk6 so changing oil was a must. Make sure the oil is 1cm below from the top of gearbox which gets put in from the reverse switch. As i must of done 1.5cm below and my box got a slight rattle. As i have now topped it up car has over 75k and runs soo smooth its unbelievable.i would definitely recommend an gearbox oil change my gearbox took about 2.8 litres because im guessing i sucked out most old oil.
Another topic id like to add is the engine oil i used was castrol 5w30 before that i used shell oil. These made extra unnecessary noises (i notice as im mostly in passenger side so can have a good listen out) last weekend i used formula f which the dealers sell and was amazed to realise that this is the correct oil as my car is so peaceful and sounds like it did when i first bought it when 10 months old.
So these are the two important steps id recommend to anyone who wants the car to be like it did when it first came out of showroom.