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hello mate
was hoping you could help me, i want to buy this tdi box, there are 2 on there what are the difference, had your car been ok so far, as for mpg has it been better, how many miles you get out your tank?
any advice would help as my intention is to keep my car at least 7 years and do about 20k per annum
help much appreciated.
Mar 17 2011 06:53 PM


hello mate, reading about your tunning box that you have plugged in? hoping you can advice me?
you said some light was on how did you sort that out?
also have you noticed a difference in performance/economey etc....i have a 2010 1.6dtdci which intend to keep for at least 7 years, so keeping it economial as possible is important. i know i can get details of Ben on how to install ...
Mar 17 2011 06:35 PM


hello mate, was it difficult for the guy to fit the hid lights to your car, or did he have to use anything extra or make adjustments to your bulb holder, i have projector lights aswell and so far it seems impossible to connect hids, can you shed some light into this for me i would appreciate it..thanks in advance.
Feb 28 2011 08:13 PM


thank for in advance
Feb 28 2011 06:05 PM


hello bneeco, i have projector lights, do i have to get standard headlights then put hid's in or can i put them in with projectors, how did you do yours..thank you for your help. i tried putting them in but the my bulb holder wont hold the hid light. :(
Feb 28 2011 06:04 PM