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Speedo Droping To Zero

05 December 2012 - 12:10 PM

Hi all, looking for some clearer carification on a Speedo problem i think ive dianoised myself.
As the topic suggests my speedo drops intermitantly to zero, Ha i thought, the "VSS" on the gearbox. Has a MOT chap take a quick look at that and he said, visualy it looked fine, wel not loose at any rate.
However, reasearching the prob further, ive come across some things id like to clarify.

My Mk 6 1.3 does not have ABS so how does this affect diagnoisis ?
As well as speedo drop off, the odometer also stops. I think ive read that this may not mean its the VSS. (kepps the mieage down though LOL) Is the a wheel sensor on a non ABS ?? Or could it just have electronically failed.(vss i mean)

How do i carry out this test (thanks to digidan) http://www.fordowner...or/#entry127799

While this is stil at fault, ive read it can slightly affect fuel consumption as it appears that the rev counter rises, not really an issue but over an extended period could add up running costs.

Sorry to start a new thread but dont want to hijack somones eleses headaches.