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02 March 2011 - 11:49 AM

How much did it cost you?

I tinted my rear side windows in the estste with Limo Black myself. It took me about 4 attempts to get a reasonable result but do feel I should have got a proffessional to do it in the end.

The rear window I left as you cant see a thing out the tinted windows at night if there are no lights. I put a roller blind in instead. Even with a reversing camera I still wanted to be able to see out the back.

Eclipse quoted me £145 for my back windows and rear to be done, that was with best quality tints which was johnson window film and life time warrenty. It only took an hour to do and was perfect.

Yeah i wouldn't advise you to do it yourself it takes years of practice which is why i went to eclipse they have been tinting for over 5 years and internationally. There is so much to know which most people dont know how to not get crease's and dirt in the tint.

limo tint is very dark i got a lighter one which was 20% it looked exactly the same on outside as limo but easier to see out of.