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Humming Noise Inside Car

18 February 2014 - 08:30 AM

Hi, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this wee problem for me please ?   Yesterday, on my way home from work, a humming noise started in my car.  I heard something so turned down the radio to see if I could hear what it was (I actually thought it was another car).  When I decided it was mine I switched off the fan (always have it on the lowest setting) and listened.  It's just a humming noise .... no more I can say about that !!!  When I got home it stopped when I switched off the engine, but also, I listened outside the car and I can't hear it outside.   It wasn't there from the minute I started my journey to work this morning, but was there after a mile or so.   To me, (and this could be wrong!),it sounds like it's coming from the back of the car.  I'm at work now, and it's raining, so I haven't investigated fully, but again, it stopped when the engine switched off.   


Any help would be appreciated.   It's not a massive deal, but now I know it's there I find myself listening for it !!!