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In Topic: Fiesta Vs Polo Decision

30 October 2015 - 06:28 PM

I actually traded in my Fiesta Titanium for a Polo Match, it was a bad decision. The Polo was such a bland car that I can barely remember what it was like, despite it being fairly recently.


What I do remember is that the radio was very tinny and too quiet to hear at motorway speeds - compared to the excellent Sony radio in my Fiesta. The handling was pap (that's a scientific term), and the dealer service was shocking. I traded the Polo in after 8 months for a Focus Titanium  :D I think the Fords I've owned had their bad points but also a lot of good points, and that's what makes the character of the car. The Polo was so characterless it had nothing to like or dislike about it especially. 


I suppose your neighbours might be more impressed by a VW badge, and that matters to some people. 

In Topic: 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

05 July 2015 - 08:59 PM

Are the newer powershift transmissions any better? I've read a huge amount of negative comments about the earlier powershift cars - in America people have even filed a lawsuit against Ford for cars not being fit for purpose.


I've been looking for an automatic for a while as I have trouble with my knee. I've had both a Fiesta and Focus so I know they're good cars, but I simply cannot entertain the idea of buying a car which is going to be unreliable or have problems. 

In Topic: Only 27Mpg From 1.6 125 Mk3 ? Something Wrong?

30 January 2015 - 03:31 PM

The trip computer on mine always stayed at 43mpg but it would only go 350 miles on a tankful. I don't know what that figure comes to, but 350 miles from 55 litres can't be 43mpg.

In Topic: New Car Ordered, Goodbye Focus... Hello New Mk3.5 Focus!

24 December 2014 - 12:37 AM

Tbh I quite like the Cee'd.
It has quite a lot of toys even on the basic models.


Oh yeah, me too. I wasn't meaning it in a negative way. I've looked at a new Cee'd myself - lovely interiors in them on the higher-spec models with the gloss black inserts.

In Topic: New Car Ordered, Goodbye Focus... Hello New Mk3.5 Focus!

23 December 2014 - 07:50 PM

The nose is too long now.
It looks like the result of cross-breeding a Kia Cee'd and a Peugeot 408.


There is definitely more than a hint of Cee'd in the new Focus.