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Handbrake Won't Hold

16 March 2012 - 07:09 PM

The handbrake on my Mk3 Mondy was getting progressively worse at holding the car. The pull on the cable got gradually slacker. It failed its MOT in December for the reasons below:

Offside Rear parking brake recording little or no effect [3.7.A.7a]

Parking brake efficiency below requirements [3.7.A.10]

The test result was RBT Park Brake efficiency 14%. The garage replaced both brake cables and the handbrake worked like new. But within a fortnight or so I noticed the pulling get slacker, and its effectiveness has now waned to the extent it struggles to hold the car on any but the most level surface.

I know its difficult for people to advise, but what's the likely cause? I'm pretty hard on pulling the handbrake on, but I don't think that should result in a near total failure. Shoddy workmanship? Poor part?