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Oops :( (Need Some Parts)

20 February 2014 - 01:59 AM

Hiya folks,

Due to my own errors I reversed in a car park when I was parked next to a wall and did this to my offside mirror :(

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860897.274563.jpg   96.2KB   47 downloads

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860915.390792.jpg   277.91KB   47 downloads

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860938.008062.jpg   291.11KB   46 downloads

Can anyone help me out with what parts I will need? Gutted :(


Fitting Hid Kit To A Mk2.5

20 February 2014 - 01:27 AM

Hiya folks.

The other day I saw a Zetec S similar to mine that had an aftermarket HID kit fitted and I must admit It looks fantastic.

Potential MOT issues aside, is there a decent way of doing this? A quality kit that doesn't throw the beams everywhere etc?

Has anyone done this on a Mk2.5 on here?

Cheers :)

Fitting Standard Air Filter (Mk2.5)

10 January 2014 - 10:43 PM

Hiya folks,

Wanting to fit this standard Ford air filter onto my MK2.5 but it would look like I'm missing some bits?

I have a universal (chav) one on at the moment and want this standard one on but it is not a straight forward fit. What bits am I missing?

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1389393162.907314.jpg   59.92KB   27 downloads

Any help and/or links to the bits I need would be great :)


Focus Zetec S - Exhaust Potential

28 November 2013 - 01:00 AM

Hiya guys,


Ford never did pick up on the potential here, and left the rear of the Ford Focus Zetec S rather bland in comparison to what they could of done, and what others have done for themselves. I am of course talking about the potential for an ST or RS style exhaust system to fit nicely snug with the Zetec S diffuser:




I have been looking around for some options to give me an ST style exhaust setup, but it would look like I would have to buy an expensive custom kit. Also the option of an actual ST exhaust is out of the question due to the presence of a spare wheel. I am wondering what people have had made up for their Zetec S', at what cost, and if they have any pictures they could include that would be great. I am not wanting to spend the earth and in an ideal world I could do with some form of "exhaust tip" being made up, but again I don't know where to start or how to go about this.


Any advice, or examples guys? :)


Brake Pads (2009 Focus)

08 October 2013 - 01:11 AM

Hiya guys,


I'm no expert, but I need to change the brake pads on my 2009 Focus. What are the best for the job? and what sort of prices am I looking at? As far as I am aware the pads have never been changed and they were an advisory on it's first MOT.


Just asking what parts I will need? Thinking of painting the rear drums black and the front calipers red whilst I'm at it.