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Ford Usb Music Box

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

Hiya folks,

Has anyone installed the Ford USB Music Box? I really love the idea of this and I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences of these?

I'm also wondering if my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) will work as normal when plugged in accessing the music?

Cheers :)

Ford Day Blackpool: Sunday 7Th September 2014

22 August 2014 - 03:56 AM

Hiya guys,


As we all do I like to use multiple forums, and it looks like a topic hasn't been made for this as yet.


It's the Ford Day @ Blackpool on Sunday 7th September 2014.


I'm going along (through FFOC who have a display of cars this year) and my Focus Zetec S will be on the display. Is anyone else planning to come along to this?




Ryan :)

Oops :( (Need Some Parts)

20 February 2014 - 01:59 AM

Hiya folks,

Due to my own errors I reversed in a car park when I was parked next to a wall and did this to my offside mirror :(

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860897.274563.jpg   96.2KB   49 downloads

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860915.390792.jpg   277.91KB   47 downloads

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1392860938.008062.jpg   291.11KB   46 downloads

Can anyone help me out with what parts I will need? Gutted :(


Fitting Hid Kit To A Mk2.5

20 February 2014 - 01:27 AM

Hiya folks.

The other day I saw a Zetec S similar to mine that had an aftermarket HID kit fitted and I must admit It looks fantastic.

Potential MOT issues aside, is there a decent way of doing this? A quality kit that doesn't throw the beams everywhere etc?

Has anyone done this on a Mk2.5 on here?

Cheers :)

Fitting Standard Air Filter (Mk2.5)

10 January 2014 - 10:43 PM

Hiya folks,

Wanting to fit this standard Ford air filter onto my MK2.5 but it would look like I'm missing some bits?

I have a universal (chav) one on at the moment and want this standard one on but it is not a straight forward fit. What bits am I missing?

Attached File  ImageUploadedByFord OC1389393162.907314.jpg   59.92KB   28 downloads

Any help and/or links to the bits I need would be great :)