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In Topic: Flashing glow plug light, no pick up

17 November 2008 - 09:09 PM

Must have done at least 1500+ miles in limp mode. Eventually got round to servicing it myself on Sunday - or at least changing oil + filter, fuel filter, air filter (never even got round to changing the crank sensor). Drove it (5miles) yesterday after servicing and no change, same this morning on way in to work (20miles). Got into the car this evening, pulled out at a junction and almost jumped out my seat! Power was back to normal and picks up fine. Can only presume it was the fuel filter that was partially blocked, although I did tip out the old one to find a few flakes of what looked like some sort of limescale type impurities.
Once home I tried to restart the car and it wouldnt respond, which has been happening every now and then for last few weeks, nothing major just requires a few turns to crank it and it starts first time when it cranks. The engine management light has been on for a few weeks too, which I thought was because it needed a service, the last one being 11.5K miles ago.

The only other thing I've been doing is adding double dose redex to every fuel change, sometimes Wynne injector treatment. I remember a couple of weeks before the error code (P1330) I had let the tank run down to zero miles (which I wont be doing ever again) so presume this is what was responsible.

Question now remains- do I keep the car because it's a great drive when it works, or sell it before something major goes on it?!