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Flashing glow plug light, no pick up

05 October 2008 - 08:17 PM

Apologies for the long story...Was driving my 54 TDCi 115 on the M50, mucking about a little with the cruise control being a bit lazy. Went through some roadworks at 40 then when I tried to pick up speed again the glow plug light started flashing on the dash and engine was very slow to respond.....eventually called the AA out and the very nice man plugged his lappie in and came up with error code P1330 "injector control pressure lower than desired". He tried changing a sensor (don't ask which I'm not very mechanical!) which didn't work, but said it should be OK to drive home which it was, was just a little slower and much more economical than usual. As this was on a Saturday evening wasn't able to take it to a garage on the Sunday and now I wont be able to get a day off work 'til next Sat. It's a 40 mile commute to work and I'm pretty sure the car will make it fine (as I drove back 90 miles in limp mode earlier today), but was wondering if I'll be doing any lasting damage to the car by leaving it for a week? I plan to take it to Ford dealers on Saturday and see what they say then. Any ideas on what it could be? AA guy said engines are usually pretty good so shouldn't be a major job.

Any opinions on if I can carry on driving and roughly how much this would set me back (worst case scenario) greatly appreciated!

Hi! (am I the 1st here?)

05 October 2008 - 07:46 PM

Hi, have recently gone back to a Mondeo after a few years flirting with other marques...just wanting to say hello...
- and then post details of my recent breakdown in the relevant section, hoping to pick your combined brain power! Lol