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05 October 2008 - 07:50 PM

hey lads hows things listen im just having a problem with my car a mate put me onto this site my mondeo is a 1.8 02 model and its using water now straght away you would think its head i thought so to had it checked for carbon in the water also water and oil not mixing its not over heating the lad i bought it off had put to thermostats into it the last one lasted two months i had just put one in it and temp sensor but its still using it the amount of water its using put it this way you would have to check it every two days other wise it drops below min level in the water bottle (for circulating the water around the engine). well i have had two lads lookin at it and they cant come up with the answer now there both certain that its not head but they have nt taken it off any help would be great maybe some of you ford specialists might give me a dig out :unsure: