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2004 Fiesta 1.4 Not Always Starting First Time

04 June 2011 - 04:55 PM

Hi guys I hope you can help!

I bought a 2004 (54 plate) 1.4 Fiesta Flame in March and have had no problems with it until the last few weeks.

Every few days the car will not start on the first key turn. On holding the key in the ignition position I can hear it turning over but then it just stops turning over. If i then turn the key back and then forward to ignition again it will turn over and then fire up, although it does sound like it only just manages to do so.

Most days I can just get in and turn the key and it fires up no problem first time!

The car has full service history with certified Ford dealers and is not due another service till December.

My average daily drive consists of setting off from my house near Wolverhampton, driving through Wolverhampton and then 2 junctions up the M54 motorway followed by another 10 minutes of 60mph urban driving.

Time of day/weather does not seem to be relevant as sometimes it is in the morning and sometimes when leaving work and sometimes its cold sometimes its hot.

Thankyou for any help!

54 Fiesta Flame

16 March 2011 - 09:04 PM

Hi guys.

Just scrapped my Peugeot 106 after several years of solid motoring coming to an engine crippling end.

And now I have bought a 54 plate 1.4 Fiesta Flame.

I am from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, hello to all!