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07 1.6 Tdci Rough Starting With Smoke

24 March 2013 - 01:44 PM

Hi I haven't posted for quite sometime, I do apologize.

I have a 1.6 TDCI 07 reg ford fusion which has done 79k which is rough starting with white smoke and sometimes takes upto ten seconds to fire up but when warm is perfectly smooth and starts on the button.

Its not water as its not loosing any or oil as it too is fine, im using normal diesel not supermarket fuel I run it on the motorway at too high a gear to blow out any soot from time to time.

I have an android app called Torque connected to a bluetooth obd2 adapter that reads only a stuck clutch switch on its fault log [that has now been fixed, it was a faulty sensor].


Any ideas why its rough running?




Thanks in advance.