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In Topic: 64 Plate Focus Zetec

20 November 2014 - 10:45 AM

The Mk3 Focus (pre-facelift) brochure (latest available is Dec 2013) lists the 'Convenience Pack' as having :-

  • Active Park Assist
  • Front and rear parking distance sensors
  • Powerfold door mirrors (includes power one-shot up/down front and rear windows with global closing on Zetec, Zetec Navigator and Zetec-S)

In the options list, Keyless entry is standard on the Focus ST3 and part of the Titanium 'Appearance Pack'.

The Mk3 Focus Facelift brochure isn't available from Ford's website yet, but in options available for the Zetec they do list a 'Convenience Pack', however rather in-conveniently they don't list what's in the Focus Facelift 'Convience Pack' :(

Having played with the 'New Focus' (i.e. Facelift) configurator for a bit, the Titanium and Titanium-X both have a separate optional extra 'Ford Key Free System' and if you try to select it against any other model it changes your selection to Titanium.

In summary it appears that KeyFree is only available on :-

  • Mk3/Mk3.5 Titanium (extra cost option)
  • Mk3/Mk3.5 Titanium-X (extra cost optional)
  • Mk3 ST3 (standard)


In Topic: 1.6 Tdci Turbo Protection

13 November 2014 - 09:19 PM

These are all for Mk2.5 1.6Tdci (2008-2011) and Finis codes were current as of 25/09/2014; which is when I last changed my oil; changed every 6000 miles since I do 25% local (30mph or less), 75% motorway (60mph max. on M42) everyday.


Finis        Description
1145962  1.6Tdci Sump Plug Copper Washer
1146063  1.6Tdci Sump Plug
1359941  1.6Tdci Oil Filter (includes sealing ring)
1848220  1.6Tdci Air Filter (was previously 1496204,1708877)

Bonus Item
1229959  1.6Tdci EGR Valve Gasket

In Topic: Ford Focus 2010 Side Lights Issue

10 November 2014 - 09:18 PM

Assuming your 2010 Focus is the Mk2.5 (facelift) model (it should be) then :-

  F124 = Left side: Parking lamps, side lamps, tail lamps (main cluster of fuses - column 5, 2nd row)
  F125 = Right side: Parking lamps, side lamps, tail lamps (main cluster of fuses - column 5, 3rd row)

Both fuses should be 7.5A fuses (Brown).


Stoney's signature has the fusebox diagrams for the Mk2.5 here



  Drat !  Ninja'd by James :)

  If the driver's rear tail light is still working then it can't be the fuse as pulling F125 would also cause the driver's rear tail light to be off.

In Topic: Winter Tyres

27 October 2014 - 02:12 PM

That would result in a +6.7% difference in rolling diameter; the recommended maximum is +/- 2.5%.


So it's not really a good idea as your speedo would UNDER-read; that is your road speed would greater than the speedo reading which would make judging your speed versus any speed limits very difficult and an easy way to get caught speeding.


I don't how easily available they are but 175/50R16 would be a -0.17% difference in rolling diameter and would would be better (speedo reads greater than road speed), plus the narrower profile would be better at cutting though any snow or standing water.


You should not use a larger profile during winter; slightly smaller is actually better as you increase the ground pressure (same mass on a smaller contact area).  One thing you definately don't want is the "snow shoe" effect (i.e. sitting on top/aqua-planing) as snow or standing water gives you zero grip; you need the tyre to get through to be in contact with the road surface as that's where any grip comes from.


You can check the effects of changing tyre sizes here :-

  Visual tyre size calculator

In Topic: Air Conditioning

26 July 2014 - 04:58 PM

l'lI assume you've already checked the engine coolant reservoir is between the MIN/MAX marks and the washer fluid reservoir/pipe aren't leaking.


When you use the air-con it's job is to dry and cool the air and therefore if the humidity of the air is high the the air has to dump the removed moisture somewhere.


The puddle is a result of the air-con dumping the excess moisture out of the drain tube and it also means your drain tube is clear of blockages; this is good as with a blocked drain tube the moisture could otherwise end up remaining in the car's cabin (usually soaking into the sound-proofing and carpets).


If you don't get the puddle when NOT using the air-con then relax, it's merely the air-con doing it's job.