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Carbon Fibre Effect Wrapped Dash Panel.

14 June 2014 - 09:08 PM

This is only a very simple single mod and hardly warrants a 'build thread', but I'm not bothered if it does get moved.


There were a few niggling scratches (two were down to the plastic) and even though the silver paint wasn't overly glossy the reflections off from the sun were getting distracting; so I decided to nail two problems in one shot.


I was half way through the job before realising I probably should have taken a 'before' shot, but I at least remembered to take an 'after' picture.




It's only Carbon Fibre textured effect wrapping and my first attempt in using sticky backed plastic for display in over thirty years, but it has done what I wanted on both counts.  Since it's unmarked the lower switch panel will probably remain 'as is' since I think the grille and tight clearances around the switches may be beyond my dexterity.