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Today, 09:45 AM

Very true indeed. Surely they must be able to offer one of each engine for test drive in the local area lol, maybe I'm just too hopeful...


Well, I understand that they can't have all of them, but at least the top engines, in my opinion. 

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Today, 09:09 AM

Petrol only has autobox? That is odd.... To be honest I recon you could blind buy the car and still be more than happy!


The better petrol engines come with automatic gearbox. I am also pretty sure that I would be happy but you, when you buy a car like this you need to be sure that it will satisfy your needs for a few good years ;)

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Today, 08:26 AM

Manual always feel more Torquey as the auto gearbox has a torque converter which tends to lessen the feel of it. The auto is also a heavier gearbox meaning it too detracts from the power output of the engine.

Continue your search and even if you find a smaller manual engine you will find that the torque output of the manual is on par with the auto if not more so you would have a better idea of what the 2 litre will be like


The thing is that I am planning to order the new Mondeo for almost a month now and if I continue to search I will find alternatives which will only make things worse :)) at least for taking a decision. I do understand what you mean by the manual transmission. The local dealers that I've talked with have only automatic ones, which is strange but I can only accept it. 


As for the configuration, I added almost everything on it and the new Mondeo will look mint. 


Retractable roof top, automatic suspension setting, 18 inch wheels, tinted back windows, full leather, sport exterior kit, inflatable seat belts (back), reverse camera, solar protection for the windscreen.


The only thing holding me down is that I can't drive test a manual one and I have not seen any reviews of the 180HP version. Honestly I would have went for the petrol version, but they only come with automatic gearbox. 

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Today, 08:05 AM

Good day everybody


I am planning to replace my Fiesta with the new Mondeo. Currently I am looking at the 2.0 TDCi 180HP, manual transmission. I went for a drive test but I could only try the Powershift one, which I won't buy. In the last week I've been trying to find a demo car which has the manual transmission because at this time I don't want to switch to automatic. Will it be a big difference in terms of torque when it comes to the manual? When I went for the drive test, the Powershift did not seem that punchy as I was expecting from a 180HP.


The last month was a continuous struggle between the new Mondeo, Skoda Octavia RS and the Focus ST estate, but probably the new Mondeo will be the final decision. 


Any words of wisdom?


This is how the car will look if I go for the new Mondeo


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23 February 2015 - 05:18 PM


That's a shame, I wonder why on earth they would do that? Apart from that it looks like it has some amazing features, especially the adaptive LED headlights. I hope that makes it's way onto the next Fiesta.


I wonder the same, why they would use a basic automatic gearbox instead of the powershift, which is much better. But all other features are really nice indeed. I think the easier would be to test drive each engine and see the differences otherwise it's just talk.


I have to be honest that I've researched into the Octavia RS also...and now these are the last two options, either the Mondeo or the Octavia RS. I like the look of the Mondeo and the features but I am not the biggest fan of their engines, while on the RS I like the engine better but the features are not that interesting compared to the Mondeo.