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First Car - Fiesta 1.25, Spark plugs?

09 October 2008 - 06:02 PM

I recently purchased my first car, a fiesta 1.25 zetec for 750 pounds. Its a very basic trim with no luxurys bar the cd player i put in :).

After buying the car it dawned on me that it needs a lot more work than I intended. The bodywork is bad.. like full respray bad and the exhaust was noisy and vibrated against the car where it had been converted to a four way manifold racing set-upwas 'fixed' for 100 pound at my local garage, they spent all afternoon cutting and welding trying to get a new middlebox to fit, this sorted the vibration problem though there is still a slight tinny/fizzy sound when revved over 3000rpm.

Next problem I faced was its slight mis-fire which made hill climbs erm... avoidable, 'I' first thought it was a gearbox mounting fault (I looked up on forums), though the mechanic told me its more likely a sparkplug fault. I have since bought a few tools and consumables to get to grips with this, including a torque wrench as I'm commited to doing this properly.. with the help of haynes ha.

Well thats about it apart from the dents and flooding boot, In a way I really hate the car,.. yet I'm determined to make good on its faults and learn on the way.

So my questions for the group are, does anybody know of a good mechanic tool kit for under 100, what thread size are the fiestas (mk4 1.25) spark plugs, and what socket size do I need for their removal and fitting (I want to get the internally rubberised spark plug socket.)

Thank you and a big hello to everyone.