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How To Find A Good Home For A Mk4 Escort?

05 October 2012 - 07:57 PM

Madgy, my Daughters 1988 1.4L Mediteranean Blue Mk 4 Escort has been owned by her late Aunt and her for 11 years, during which time I have progessively fixed everything wrong with her so she starts on the button all year and runs sweet as a nut. Last use was a couple of loaded runs to the Isle of Man from London in the winter and several back and forward to Brighton from London. All trouble free. 110K miles or so.

Then was stolen last March for the second time and recovered a month later two blocks away covered in parking stickers by the genius Brighton Police. In the meantime we bought her a hard for the chavs to nick Focus so Madgy is sadly unwanted.Not used much for a year and a half. MOT'd last Xmas,

I fixed the theft damage and she is now running beautifully again, was to have been her friend's car but ti didn't happen. This is such a great runner and willing , safe and cheap to insure, I'd love someone who would care for her to have her until she dies. Absolutely sound, has had replacement gearbox, water pump, head off just before we got her. I fixed most of the oil leaks even... she is old and things go wrong so a mechanical family is best. The joy of it is a competent DIYer can keep her going safely, once having mastered the eco carb (same deal as other daughter's Mk1 Golf - just replace all the rubber connecting tubes and set it up per Haynes and you're away :-)

Ideas please?