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How Long To Repair Car After Rear Ending?

06 June 2014 - 08:57 PM

Hi guys,
Wondered if anyone here had any experience of reasonable timescales for car body repairs...
My beloved Focus estate, less than a year old, was rear ended on 30th April. Third party accepted responsibility and I expressed my preference for my local Ford main dealers' recommended body shop firm to carry out the repair.
It took a week for agreement to be reached on that and another few days for the body shop to collect car. Then a few more days for the assessors to agree costs, etc. Then a couple of weeks for all the Ford parts/panels etc to arrive at the body shop.
So earlier this week, (a month on, and nothing done to the car), the car was being dismantled for full assessment, regardless of which the firm is quoting a minimum of 25 working days (ie FIVE weeks) for the job. Ok, all the rear panels and tailgate need replacing and the back end will need pulling back into shape before re painting, but will that really take five weeks' work?
I still don't have an estimated completion date, and I wonder if the company is dragging things out. Anyone had experience of this type of repair?