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Fiesta Mk 7 Wheel Size Question

25 May 2011 - 09:14 PM

I am trying to buy a set of winter tyres with wheels for my 2011Fiesta Edge 1.4, which at the moment has 15" steel wheels as standard, with 195/50 tyres. Stamped on the standard wheel is 6Jx15 x 47,5. The wheels I have been looking at are described as JA8 1388ccm 71 kW BJ.: 10.2008-. Further description says they are 4-hole steel wheels: 15 inch 4 x 108.00 x 63.30 ET: 47.50.
All this is gobbledygook to me!! I am amazed at how many options there are four wheels! Can anyone tell me if these wheels will definitely fit my Mk7.

Hello From Hampshire

10 April 2011 - 09:15 PM

Just wanted to say a quick hello. Haven't been a Ford driver for some years, but over the years have earned my stripes with a Ford Popular, Ford Anglia (showing my age now!), a Sierra 4x4, Sierra XR4i, Granada, various Fiestas (lost count!), and in two weeks time will take delivery of a Fiesta 5 door Mark 7. Confess this will be used as a town car/second car, but it certainly looks a cracking vehicle compared to rivals. We'll see. Achieved a very big discount which I am very pleased with, but have some issues which I'd like to talk about in the relevant areas of the Forum. Best regards all...