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Remote switch terminal 5000RDS

13 October 2008 - 11:41 AM

Hi All
I have an X Reg Ford Mondeo with a Standard Ford 5000RDS radio installed. I have also installed a CD changer with the adapter plug. I would also like to install an amplifier to power some speakers on a shelf I have made.

I understand that the Ford 5000rds system has a remote terminal that will switch an amplifier on, but I can not find a suitable schematic that tells me where it is in the back of the radio.

I have wired the amp direct to the battery (in line fuse installed), and there is a good earth, and 12 volts is definately going through the amp. But I have not connected the remote wire correctly (I think!).

If someone could email me or post a schematic on this forum that shows me how the remote wire should be connected then that would be excellent.

looking forward to getting all your advice.