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In Topic: Clutch - Urgent

27 February 2014 - 02:33 PM


Had this happen to daughters car 2 weeks ago 5 times in space of 2 miles on a '54 plate finesse.

The earlier '03 plate fiesta she used to have and I now use has a split pin through the pin that the slave rod attaches to. Seems the later one has no visible means of retaining the pin and any sideways movement on the clutch pedal makes it pop off.


Get in there with a 3 mm drill bit and drill a hole through the pin and stick a split pin or even a hair-pin through and jobs a good-un !


If you don't fancy drilling it then file 2 ridges either side of the pin and find a suitable circlip to stick on it (or a clip-cap, I suppose would work)


Seems like a stupid omission to me.


Typical graduate engineer idea I suppose !



In Topic: Mk 6 Duratec 1.25 - Water Ingress

03 March 2013 - 10:40 AM

Think I've found the culprit.

Not washer jets as it wasn't raining and I didn't use them or wash the car.

Dried the plug holes out and filled up the header tanlk again and it leaked straight through to the plugs. Looks like it's the core plugs at the top of the engine casting.

Apparently it's a common fault on duratechs.