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One Month On

09 November 2011 - 07:42 PM

Ive had my 'new' (08 mark 2.5) Focus for a month now and I just love it.

I love the new shape, the way that the spoiler wraps around the boot door.
The inside is very well laid out with all the control in familiar places.
I think the 'clever' wipes are great with the variable speed control and in normal mode they slow down at traffic lights.
There are a couple of things that I would move, like the 12 volt socket thats down by the handbrake, which is also in a weird place.
The volume control for the CD player, a couple of times Ive gone to turn the sound up and ended up flashing some poor sod in front, and the AUX input... in the glove box. That wont be an issue soon, I'm having a MP3 player put in in its place.

I'm very happy.
Thank you listening.

Focus Temperature Gauge Issue

02 May 2011 - 04:17 PM

I’ve owned this car for 5 years now and just recently I’ve noticed a change in the behavior or my temperature gauge. Last winter, a few minutes into my journey, if I stopped at any traffic lights, my gauge would go from 'mid normal' almost down to 'low normal' now the weather is warmer, if I drive at speed, or go uphill, the gauge goes to 'high normal'

Today I used the speed dial diagnostic trick and had the real time temperature read-out, again at speed I saw the temperature go as high as 113C (plus it was uphill a bit) at which point the gauge rises to 'high normal'. The odd thing about this is the temperature drops if I'm heading down hill.

I’ve had the coolant changed, made no difference, I’m fairly sure the thermostat is ok, I got the car up to normal from cold outside my house and the bottom hose got hot around 96C, which I think is normal. And for a long time I haven't heard the fan come,

Any ideas? I appreciate any help.