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Ka Track project - afew questions

17 October 2008 - 10:40 AM

Hi, I'm new here, some of you might reconise me from afew other ford forums :)

Anyway, me and a friend are starting a little project in early 2009 depending on funds, may start a little later.

basic spec will a Mk1 Ka, escort/fiesta RST engine(efi), lowered with uprated shocks and springs hopefuly coilovers if we can afford, polly bushed, big front brakes rear disk convirsion, roll cage bucket seats ect...

right now onto questions...
will the standard ka gear box and drive shafts be up for the job of an rst engine? will more than likely be standard engine at first

if no will rst drive shafts fit if using the rst box? (i dont think they will just thought i'd ask to make sure!)

thats all for now :) cheers for any help!