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In Topic: Climate Control On New Focus - No Mono Display

11 May 2013 - 10:50 PM

John i'm starting to think it's a wide-spread problem.


On the one hand it's only a display issue, the unit appears to work fine. But on the other hand i'm seeing reports of this going back to 2011 so there's little excuse for it not being fixed really.



fwiw - mine has the same issue (built April 2013) - 'mono' is there on the display, but never lights up (but it does switch to mono mode if you hold auto).



In Topic: Myford Touch / Sync

12 February 2013 - 10:15 AM


Last I'd heard from Ford (which was about a week ago):

- Focus Electric is now 'delayed' (maybe June 2013) - and not guaranteed to ship with 'full Sync' system (it was originally billed as available early 2013 with 'new, revised Sync' system

- Sync in the Focus - well, the ST is as 'good as it gets' for now. The 'Emergency Assistance' option etc. - is available for the regular Focus (it's listed as 'Premiere Speaker Pack' or something) - but cannot be combined with SatNav / Rear camera (hopefully 'later in 2013').

As for the full, US style 'Sync' system (i.e. 8" touch screen, satnav etc.) - Ford said this will probably arrive 2014 in what I'd guess will be the 'New, New' Focus.

Having patiently waited since launch and been told 'soon', 'summer', 'next year', 'next summer' - I finally gave up waiting - and ordered. I'd love to have had the full sync system (if only for the bigger screen for the Sat Nav, and to get rid of button-clutter) - but Ford just keep delaying it.

Annoyingly, other manufactures are catching up now - at one point it really was 50/50 on whether I'd still get a Focus having been kept waiting - a lot of other manufactures are adding Sync equivalent setups (and larger LCD's) to their cars.

Anyway - that's what Ford told me when I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago...