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In Topic: Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

01 May 2014 - 07:49 PM

sorry Stef I seem to always have problems loging in on this site for some reason. Firefox playing up.


I thought that the price was rather high too but perhaps they also assumed that it had a dual mass clutch ?


I'll give them a ring tomorrow and see how they are costing it. They are generally a good bunch and I take all my vehicles to them for MOT .


I thought he said that when the shafts are removed they can introduce dirt ?  presumably from the gaiters ?


I wasn't really paying attention when I realised that he wasn't going to give me a firm price quotation. Theres £ 80 Vat on top of that as well!....


i found two local Ford Focus taxed and MOT'd for half a year for £800 yesterday and both looked a better prospect than keeping this money pit .

In Topic: Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

30 April 2014 - 08:26 PM

Hi Stef123

thanks for your reply

I'm near Crewkerne South Somerset.

I got an estimate from sa local garage of £350-400 today but they warned me it was subject to what they find ie new drive shafts etc .


I kinda got the impression they were setting me up for undisclosed extras as they have MOT tested the car only last week so know it well .

In Topic: Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

30 April 2014 - 12:51 PM

sorry I should have mentioned it is a Mk1 (2000 Y reg) so it is the change over year isn't it.

In Topic: Focus Tdi 1.8 2000 New Clutch Cost ?

30 April 2014 - 11:26 AM

m good question !  I have no idea.


Is there any way I can tell without stripping it ?


Just checked the manual and the clutch should be a iB5 type 210mm single dry plate diaphram spring clutch asembly . It doesn't say anything about dual mass ?

In Topic: Focus 2001 Tdi Ghia Headlamp Levelling Adjust System Fubar

20 March 2014 - 11:12 PM

ok I've done a bit of squinting at the electrical schematics in the manual and I think I have finally cracked it.


A live feed goes to one side of the leveling switch (which is a rotary rheostat)


The other side of the rheostat goes to earth

The centre tap of the rheostat feeds the variable power supply to both the headlamp levelling motors on a Blue/Red wire


I need to remove the 2xwire connector to both the headlamp motors and switch the ignition on and test I have a voltage .

if I have voltage then  I need to check the earth to the motors is good.

If both the live feed and the earths to the motors are ok then the motor/s might need replacing.


If the earth is good but there is no power from the switch I need to check the 12v supply to the switch (when I can find where it comes from grrrrrrr)

It looks like it shares the feed from the headlamp washer fuse . (Diagram 10 Haynes manual)


If the motors and earths and rheostat supply is ok I'll need to check/replace the levelling rheostat  or replace any defective wiring if there is a break somewhere.


Now if it will just stop raining tomorrow .........

good  idea but unfortunately the MOT tester who adjusted my lights said that there was no indication that the motors were being powered.

I tend to use my multimeter for testing but I'll rope SWMBO in tomorrow and try that first ^_^